Meet Gigi

Luna and Gigi Griffis

In 2012, I gave myself permission to do something crazy.

I packed my bags, ditched my permanent address, and took my nearly two-year-old business and my pint-sized pooch on the road to live our lives against a backdrop of sandy Mexican beaches, cobbled Italian squares, pretty French bistros, and jagged, breathtaking Swiss Alps.

In the four years that followed, I found my mojo, fell in love with my life, dropped two dress sizes, shifted my business, became an official expat, quit being an official expat, and wrote seven books. Today I’m still going strong.

While I’ve been traveling the world, I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about, tasting, cooking, playing around with, and taking photos of food. I’ve tried fondue in the Swiss Alps, hosted dinner parties in Italy, and made frosting-drenched cinnamon rolls for a day spent hiking the Grand Canyon. And now I’ve decided to share the foodie part of my journey with you.

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