A Possibly Permanent Pause


Hello fellow foodies and travel buffs,

I’m sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve written here. My cross-US-then-cross-Canada road trip has been keeping me busy, as have (excitingly) some new writing projects, including a bunch of food-related ones.

Which is why I’m writing today here.

Since I’ve got some new food writing work on the docket, I’ll be pausing my food posts here for the foreseeable future. The good news is that you’ll be able to find me over at places like Spoonful Magazine and I’ll still be writing all my regular travelogues (including possibly some new foodie pieces) over at gigigriffis.com.

Thanks for sharing my little foodie blog experiment journey with me and I hope you’ll keep reading over at gigigriffis.com and my other online publications (which I’ll be sharing on Facebook and at gigigriffis.com in my monthly link round ups).

Happy munching and traveling,


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